The Miniature Locomotive

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"The Miniature Locomotive" was a short-live magazine published from May 1952 to December 1954. It was edited and published by Dick Bagley and Robert Day. Dick's wife, Dorothy, served as the business manager. Charles A. Purinton and Harry Dixon contributed monthly reports for the then BLS. Victor Shattock often wrote reports of the Golden Gate Live Steamers.

Statement of Ownership

Here is the "Statement Of Ownership" as published in the January-Feburary 1953 issue (Number 5).

The Miniature Locomotive is published bi-monthly by the Miniature Locomotive Corporation, Robert A. Day, President, Richard B. Bagley, Vice President, Dorothy D. Bagley, Secretary-Treasurer. Executive offices: 6904 Geyser Avenue, Reseda, California. Printed at Hungerford Press, Reseda, California. Single copies 65 cents each. Subscription $3.00 per year (within continental U.S.), $3.50 elsewhere. Entered as second-class matter at the post office at Reseda, California.


These are the know editions of The Miniature Locomotive. From

Complete set of 16 issues
  • First edition: "Introducing The Miniature Locomotive"
    • Cover shows Walt Disney, Ed Sargent, R Van Every and Ward Kimball.
    • No date
    • Might have been a "sales flyer" for the magazine
  • May/Jun 1952
  • Jul/Aug 1952
  • Sep/Oct 1952
  • Nov/Dec 1952
  • Jan/Feb 1953
  • Mar/Apr 1953
  • May/Jun 1953
  • Jul/Aug 1953
  • Sep/Oct 1953
  • Nov/Dec 1953
  • Jan/Feb 1954
  • Mar/Apr 1954
  • May/Jun 1954
  • Jul/Aug 1954
  • Sep/Oct 1954
  • Nov/Dec 1954


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